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A Trusted Pet Groomer

Hot Dogs & Cool Cats All Breeds Grooming specializes in pet grooming in the Phoenix area. Our pet groomer can handle all grooming needs, including dog nail trimming and cat brushing, at one convenient location. If your dog has any allergies, behavioral issues, or fleas or ticks, please let our staff know in advance. Prices start at $64.00 for a full service grooming. Bath and Brushes start at $34.00.



Countless Benefits

When you bring in your dog or cat for regular grooming services, you are improving their quality of life. In addition to maintaining proper hygiene, grooming will also ensure your pet's coat is free of fleas and ticks. By keeping our prices low, we make it easy for pet owners to come back again and again. A groomed pet is a healthy pet.

Dog Grooming

When it comes to our dog services, we do not have any breed restrictions, but we do require proof of vaccination. Puppies 10 weeks and older are welcome to visit, and we recommend scheduling regular appointments every six to eight weeks for proper maintenance. Specialty shampoos are available for all different kinds of coats. Please call for other pet services we offer.


Cat Grooming

Cat grooming starts at $85 and bathing and brushing start at $75. All cats must have current vaccinations. Toenails trims are $20.

Cat Services

Additional Services

The additional services included with grooming help to maintain your pet's health. Such as regular toenails trimming, anal gland expression, ear care, and teeth brushing.